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Duration: 2 hours (4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

Come and discover improbable cheese and wine pairings!

Free yourself from your usual pairings around wine and cheese, and dare to experiment aroundsake, ofwhiskeyand somebeer! Thattasting of cheeses and spiritshas something to amaze you… Aunique taste experience in Paristo do with friends or family!

Description of your tasting Cheeses & Improbable Pairings: 

Always looking fornew taste experiences,the cellars of the Louvreand their partner, TheLouvre Cheese Factorywork hand in hand andpush the limits of tastingto offer you agourmet adventurein a place dedicated to wine and steeped in history. 


After their tasting “10 Cheeses & 10 Wines”, the two establishments take you on board for a2 hour workshopto thediscovery of new flavors. Of theFrench sake tasting, of apeated whiskey, passing through anatural sparklingof fruit, your palate will live aunusual experiencethanks to ourcheese and spirit pairings.


French gastronomyis exceptional but does not need to be pretentious to prove it. Thatlive tasting  will allow you to share your feelings withour sommeliers and our cheese makers


Become an expert on cheeses and spirits: 

Cheese and whiskey pairing? Which whiskey to drink with my cheese?

How to taste cheese and sake?

What are the new cheese trends?

How to cut cheese correctly…

The best cheese and beer pairings!

The new trendy natural and petnat wines for unlikely food and wine pairings


After thischeese and spirits tasting workshopyou will finally be able to shine in society and brag about being unbeatable on improbable pairings with cheese! 


An experience to offer or to offer oneselffor a realconvivial moment with our cheese lovers. 


Meeting place for your unusual taste experience:  

The Caves du Louvre is located at 52 rue de l'Arbres Sec, 75001 Paris, a stone's throw from the Louvre museum and in the street perpendicular to La Samaritaine! 

Metro 1 Louvre-Rivoli 

  • 2 hours of entertainment by one of our sommeliers and/or cheese makers in the tasting roomfrom the cellars of the Louvre.

  • Tasting of 6 seasonal cheeses. 

  • Tasting of 1 Champagne, 1 Beer, 1 Sake, 1 Oxidative wine, 1 whiskey, 1 Poiré. (This selection of alcohol can change according to the selection of our seasonal cheeses.)


It is in the Caves du Louvre, historic cellars located in Paris that this beautiful oenological experience takes place. In our tasting room, your sommelier/cheese maker will pass on all his knowledge to you;   from the making of cheese to the tasting of various alcohols before ending with the introduction to the art of pairing these French specialties.


We offer a full refund for cancellations notified at least 2 weeks before the event date. Within 14 to 3 days in advance, cancellation fees amount to 50% of the total amount paid. Within 3-0 days prior to the date of your tasting or visit, the cancellation fee is 100% of the total amount paid.

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