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Eating well while being responsible is possible! Professional, cultural or sporting events, fairs, concept stores, ephemeral catering, bar but also family reunions and weddings,THE LOUVRE CHEESE FACTORYassociates with thecatererLAND(s)  et accompanies you on all your projects as soon as gluttony gets involved.

The buffets "LUNCHEON ON THE GRASSreinvent the traditional cocktail format and combine it perfectly with that of the buffet. Here, there are no wild boars or chickens (although…) but fine charcuterie, AOC cheeses, organic fruits & vegetables, skewers, seafood, to drink, to eat, to cut up, to share… in short, pleasure in large !


Wedding cake, thematic platters or cheese creations, we adapt to your events and your needs. 

Let yourself be guided by our partnersTHE LOUVRE CELLARSand match your trays with selections ofe wines (natural, organic, biodynamic or more conventional...), with 1000 references there is plenty to do ;)

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