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After several months of research, we are proud to offer you a range of artisanal, farm and raw milk products. The new generations of dairy and cheese producers are the guarantors of farming methods that are more concerned with the environment, of particular attention to animal well-being by respecting the seasonality of the animals as well as the reintroduction of endemic breeds in our valleys.


We are keen to enhance, but also to modernize this thousand-year-old work by placing our cheese dairy in a responsible approach, in tune with the times.

Aperitivo with Friends


Grandson of a Norman goatherd, Thibault has been immersed in the cheese world since he was very young. Once the passion passed on, the latter embarked on the cheese-making profession after his studies. Thibault will spend 10 years abroad, promoting French know-how - the richness of our land and our culture - while developing an open mind and a fresh perspective on the consumption of cheese outside our borders.


He is particularly interested in innovative ripening processes as well as original cheese/drink pairings. He likes to “think cheese differently”.


For her part, Ambre has made a detour through the world of gastronomy in cooking and baking. Sharpening and developing his puck and his technique, his experiences allow him today to offer you unique cheese creations and to share gourmet recipes with you. Cheese is above all a story of gluttony. 

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For your private or public events, your aperitifs with friends or even family receptions, we are attentive to your needs. We offer tastings, platters or buffets adapted to your event, made up of our local and seasonal products.

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